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For paper cups, we have 3 versions: Single wall, Double wall, or Ripple cups. Single wall are good for cold soda drinks served in a fast food manner. Double wall and ripple cups are great for hot coffee or tea. The Double wall and ripple surface insulates the hand from the heat and makes it easier for consumers to hold without scalding themselves. 


You may choose either kraft or artpaper for the surface of the cups. If you are serious about going green, we have the Double Kraft Cups (both inside and outside material of the cups are made of kraft paper. Only available in Dillic Packaging.) Check out our uniquely designed cup holder as well. 



Our paper drinking cups are made of paper from sustainable sources. We sent our paper for testing at SGS regularly to ensure all packaging material are of food grade quality.


For cold drinks, you may opt for PET cups. PET is a highly transparent plastic material. Consumers will be able to see the content very visibly. Your branding and volume markings can be printed on the cups for brand identiy and training purpose. 

Single Wall Cold Cup
Perfect for holding soda beverages for fast food concepts. Commonly used sizes are 16 oz and 22 oz. Our flat lids are carefully engineered to ensure a tight fit.
8 oz Double Wall Cup
These cups are offset printed with gloss finishing. You may choose matt finishing as well. Black retractable lids are available.
12 oz Double Wall cup
This double wall cup has matt finishing.
8 oz Ripple Cups
Ripple cups performs slightly better than double wall cups in terms of heat insulation.
Multi-coloured Ripple Cups
These beautiful ripple cups are available off the shelf. Call us to find out more.
Kraft Double Wall Hot Cup
The outer surface is made of kraft paper. You may choose between black or white lids.
4 oz Ripple Cup
The cute little cup on the right is a 4 oz ripple cup. This small cup is suitable for offering sampling during food fairs and trade shows.
Double Kraft Hot Cups
This double wall cup is one of its kind. It is kraft both on the outside and inside (only available at Dillic Packaging). Develop your very own kraft packaging series with Dillic Packaging.
Single Wall 22 oz Cold Cups
Great for soda or soft drinks. Suitable for fast food settings.
16 oz PET CUP
PET is a hardy plastic material as compared to PP. It is also more transparent. Suitable for cold beverages. Flat or Dome lids are available.
PET Cup with Dome Lid
If you have noticed, this cup is printed with white ink. Yes, it is possible to print white.
16 oz PET Cup
The printing area is somewhere in the middle of the cup. You may print up to 6 colours on PET cups.
16 oz PET with Dome Lid
Print markings on the side of the cup for training your kitchen staff. You can indicate markings for syrup level and ice level.
12 oz PET Cup
12 oz PET cups make great disposable beer cups during festivals and carnivals.
PP Cup
PP cups are economical but are not as transparent and rigid as PET.
Four cup Paper Holder
This cup"basket" is highly versatile. It can be used to either hold coffee cups or sandwiches. Great for a fast pace serving environment. Serve your breakfast or lunch set in this holder and it is bound to make heads turn.
Two Cup Carrier
A simple yet pretty way of holding 2 coffee cups.
Coffee Cup with Sleeves
Print on corrugated coffee sleeves. Sleeves are great insulators of heat. Protect your customers from scalding.
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