-  Ice cream Cups & Tubs

These ice cream cups & tubs comes with 2 types of transparent plastic lids: Flat and Dome shape lids.


You can also choose the paper lids which can be printed on. The rim color of the paper lids are also customizable. 


Get your cups offset printed and you may choose between a matt or gloss finishing. Kickstart your branding campaign with us.  



Due to the hot tropical climate in Singapore, there has always been an unceasing demand for good ice cream and other frozen desserts. 


Our cups are made of SGS tested cup stock paper. Our high quality paper and quality controlled cup forming process ensure that every piece of paper cup performs to your expectations. 


These cups and tubs are suitable for various products such as: Ice cream, frozen yoghurt, cut fruits, salads, ice kachang and even hot soups. 

3 oz Ice Cream Cup (Paper Lid)
Suitable for single scoop ice cream. Transparent plastic lid option is available. Dimension: 75 x 60 x 45mm
16 oz Ice cream Tub (Paper Lid)
Hold 450 to 473ml of pure happiness in this custom printed 16 oz ice cream pint tub. The lids can be printed and the rim can be customized to other colors as well. Dimension: 98 x 75 x 100mm
8 oz Ice Cream Cup
Able to hold double or triple scoops of rich and creamy goodness... plus some toppings as well. Dimension: 95 x 80 x 53mm
100 - 125ml Ice Cream Tub
Suitable for holding single scoop ice cream for retail display. A spoon can be attached under the lids for consumer convenience. You can customize the lid rims, in this case, it's done in matt gold. Dimension: 68 x 53 x 60mm
16 oz Ice Cream Cup
Able to hold 16 oz or approximately 5 - 6 scoops of ice cream with lots of toppings. Perfect for holding cut fruits and frozen yoghurt as well. Dimension: 105 x 85 x 75mm
750ml / 26 oz Tub
Suitable for cut fruits, salads, or even soupy snack like korean rice cakes.
8 oz Kraft Ice Cream Cup
If going green is part of your life, you'll love this full kraft cups. Both the inside and outside is made up of kraft paper.
16 oz Pint Ice Cream Tub
The default rim color is black. You may customize the rim color if you like.
Single Scoop Cup (Plastic Lid)
This is how our transparent plastic flat lid look like,.
Double Scoop Cup (Dome Lid)
Dome lids are great if you serve your yoghurt or ice cream with mountains of toppings.
3.5 oz Ice Cream Tub (with Spoon)
This cup features a spoon attached underneath the lid for convenience.
Ripple Surface Tubs
Perfect for holding hot soup or pastas. The ripple surface insulates your hands from the hot contents in the tub.
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