B A G S  &  P O U C H E S

Plastic bag
Plastic bag
Plastic bag
Plastic bag
Plastic bag
White LDPE (Hard Loop Handle)
This bag has a huge dimension. Hence, we used 110 microns with hard loop handle to ensure it performs to its mark.
Full Color HDPE Bag
Go full color offset printing for photo quality print. This bag was produced using 60 microns HDPE which gives it good strength. PP ropes are attached to reinforced holes to prevent the bag from tearing.
G-String Bag
It got its name because it looks like an underwear... cheeky aren't we? This bag is highly versatile. It is designed to hold 10" to 14" pizza boxes (up to 4 boxes) with each bag. Available off the shelf.
Printed HDPE Pastry Bag
This HDPE plastic bag is used to hold either bread, pies, or other pastries.
LDPE Bag (Soft Loop Handle)
For contemporary style cafe, opt for LDPE bags.
HDPE T-Shirt Bag
White master batch with 3C printing on both sides.
Clear HDPE Bread Bag
This bag is emboss with small tiny little dots for easy opening without using your saliva ... eewww... Great for pies and pastries.
HDPE Singlet Bag
Some call it singlet bag, some call in T-shirt bag, they are essentially the same thing. HDPE is strong, thus suitable for carry bulky items.
Pink HDPE Singlet Bag
This bag was printed red on pink master batch HDPE. You can customize the base color of the bag. It is cheaper than printing on the entire bag.
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