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10 Unique Food Packaging Ideas Every F&B Business Can Use

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

In recent years, food packaging has been widely acknowledged as a form of marketing strategy. With the booming trend of innovative designs, F&B brands around the world are jumping on the bandwagon, competing for a distinctive spot amongst seemingly identical competitors.

All in all, your brand’s packaging is an extension of its identity; it embodies the corporate values, tone and personality that signifies the essence of your brand.

So, amidst a blur of colours, sizes and designs, how do you ensure that consumers are able to set you apart from the ocean of competitors? How can you incorporate your brand’s identity into your food packaging? What are the food packaging ideas you can draw inspiration from to create the perfect packaging design for your brand?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Are you ready to explore some of the best food packaging ideas? Let’s go!

Food packaging design: A core aspect of your brand’s identity

F&B brands have certainly evolved over the years, coming up with all sorts of eye-catching and show-stopping designs vying for the attention of consumers. A walking advertisement, simply utilising a well-designed food packaging is pretty much the new 21st century normal. Designs that reflect your brand’s values and personality isn’t enough to make a lasting impression. For your brand to be recognisable, it also has to embody designs that are indistinguishable.

So, why is it so important to make a memorable first impression?

As research shows, consumers can, in fact, make decisions in under 20 seconds. In that fraction of time, you want to ensure that your brand is able to captivate your consumers’ attention at the first glance. With thousands and millions of food stalls selling similar products, you need to stand above your competitors.

Effective food packaging customisation allows you to:

  • Design your packaging to be as enticing as possible.

  • Utilise design so distinctive that customers will be able to identify it at first glance.

  • Convert consumers into existing customers.

  • Retain the loyalty of existing customers.

  • Influence consumer purchase habits and decisions.

There are plenty of elements you can implement to create a design unique to your brand. Logo colours, the company’s font and illustration styles are all vital considerations that can be incorporated to produce your brand’s unique visual identity.

Ultimately, you get to decide how you want to be perceived by your consumers: What are the feelings and emotions that you want to invoke when potential consumers look at your brand?

1. Hand-drawn illustrations

You’ll probably be familiar with the locally produced D.I.Y sushi chain Maki-San, which is an excellent amplification of utilising conspicuous hand-drawn illustrations.

By fusing a blend of fun and bright coloured graphics, it forms a unique visual brand identity that creates an unforgettable impression to consumers. Furthermore, it exudes the energetic undertone of the brand’s services, relaying the concept of enthusiasm and diversity that embodies the freedom of its D.I.Y cuisine experience.

2. Incorporating relatable pop culture

Don’t we just love beautifully designed paper bags? Local bubble tea brand LiHO combines its personalised touch with well-known pop culture references, which is an ingenious concept that allows consumers to relate to the brand based on all too familiar elements.

3. Minimalistic accents

If you prefer a minimalist design, consider embedding subtle accents to your food packaging.

As seen on Butter Studio, they chose to enhance their dessert box with a simple liquid trickle that resembles sauce drizzles commonly seen on baked goods. By adopting a crucial yet satisfying element into their design, they certainly encapsulated the brand’s core essence.

4. Noticeable colours

Make radical changes by departing from traditional colours. Engage unusual tones to set yourself apart from classic colour schemes commonly found in F&B food packaging. As seen on An Acai Affair, an unconventional mix of pastel pink and a forest-toned green, successfully resulted in an eye-catching takeaway bag.

5. Employ colour psychology

Colour psychology is an excellent technique to express a certain emotion or impression for your brand. For example, bright yellow and red tones embody sentiments of happiness and joy, which is the epitome of McDonald’s persona.

On the other hand, when we look at green shades, our brain shifts to health, trust and eco-consciousness. A prime example would be Whole Foods, which embraces the principles of maintaining one’s health.

6. Two-toned

Design your food packaging with contradictory colours by playing and experimenting with different combinations.

By employing diametrically opposing colours, you can produce a unique result that exemplifies your brand’s individuality and at the same time, capture maximum attention.

7. Monochrome shades

The artisanal chocolate brand Awfully Chocolate demonstrates the concept of lavishness via a sleek monochrome food packaging design. From the logo to the packaging, it portrays the quintessence of minimalism, which exudes a tone of class and minimalistic sophistication.

8. An identifiable font

Brand identity can also be achieved with a signature font. Together with a unique colour scheme and recognisable logo, consumers will be able to identify your brand amongst the sea of competitors. The result? A recognisable brand identity across channels.

9. A Quirky tagline

Spectacular design isn’t the only feature that can be used to entice your customers' attention. A catchy tagline can be incorporated into your food packaging as an eye-catching element.

10. Multi-functional Cake Boxes

Based on your requirements, you can integrate multiple functions when designing your food or drink containers. After all, takeaway services are meant to provide greater accessibility for maximum convenience.

Depart from conventional forms by customising your food packaging by leveraging these corrugated boxes.

Take a leaf from Udders, where their ice cream tub lids come with a handy spoon for that easy sweet tooth indulgence.

Noodle bowls with separators have become an emerging trend amongst food establishments to minimise soggy noodles, which has always been a prominent issue for the takeaway option.

The packaging comes in two separate layers which divide the soup and noodles to prevent them from clumping or drying up, an effective space-saving option.

Final thoughts

There are endless possibilities when it comes to food packaging ideas. Some brands utilise minimalist features, while others choose to employ a unique concoction of vibrant colours. Ultimately, it all boils down to your brand direction.

As a rule of thumb, whether you are going for ready-to-order containers or a customised food packaging option, you have to ensure that your packaging solution remains functional.

Check out our customised packaging gallery for more food packaging ideas!

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