-  Sandwich & Burger Packaging

This section features some of the paper products we have for packaging sandwiches and burgers. 


Commonly used are greaseproof papers. Greaseproof & burger wrappers are coated with a layer of PE. It can be custom printed by flexo printing.


Clamshell boxes are also great for burgers that has lots of ingredients. The boxes can also be customized to fit hotdogs or subs. 

Kraft Sandwich Wedge
Double side PE coated, this sandwich wedges are meant for industrial production of sandwiches for mass distribution. A packing machine is required to heat seal a plastic film on the top. Contact us for more details.
Flat-pack Sandwich box
This box comes flattened. It is easy to use and has a see through window that show case your product.
Corrugated Sandwich Box
You may wrap up your sandwiches with a clear OPP film and place it in a classic box like this.
Burger Wrapper (Side open)
This greaseproof paper can be open easily with 2 open sides. Consumers will be able to access the food easily with this design.
Printed Burger Wrapper
Burger wrapper is an economical way of wrapping products that are greasy or saucy. Sizes and printing are customizable.
Burger Wrapper
Burger wrapper is an economical way of wrapping products that are greasy or saucy. Sizes and printing are customizable.
Greaseproof paper
Similar to burger wrapper, except the thickness and waterproof ability is not as robust as burger wrappers. Great for lining paper trays or boxes.
Greaseproof paper
All sizes are customizable. Flexo printing available.
Greaseproof paper
Create your own repeated motifs and print them on your greaseproof paper. Over time, your customers will recognize the pattern and connect it to your brand.
Greaseproof Fries Bag
Using greaseproof paper to form up into a bag. Great for holding deep fried finger food. Customers can eat on the go.
Medium Size Paper Boat
Boat trays are fantastic way of serving food casually. Sizes are customizable.
Medium Boat Tray
This boat tray is formed using heat sealing at 4 corners. Paper is PE coated, meaning, it is absolutely leak proof.
Boat Tray (Plain White)
We have 5 sizes of generic boat trays available off the shelf. Call us to find out more.
Boat Trays
Customize the cutting on the boat trays to create your own corporate identity. You may choose either white artcard or brown kraft paper.
Large Boat Trays
Fish & chips, Tacos, Nachos, Fries, Fried Chicken... you name it! Boat Trays are highly versatile.
Small Boat Trays
If speed is important to you, serve in a boat tray. It's absolutely hassle free!
Apple Pie Box
Not just for apple pies though... This pillow box is suitable for wraps and panini as well. Make it large enough and it is also a good gift box for T-shirts and other apparels. Custom size available.
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